CuPRx is a drug discovery company focused on developing therapeutics and advanced computational tools to address vulnerabilities in critical diseases. We identify new compounds, pinpoint new compositions of matter, and repurpose existing drugs to provide therapeutics that will specifically target vulnerabilities in diseased cells while sparing normal cells. Our goal is to do this in a unique way that mitigates and potentially eliminates toxic side-effects of pharmaceuticals.

Based in Tampa, Florida, CuPRx was founded by leading scientists in the fields of biochemistry, physics, organic chemistry, and drug discovery. We have decades of experience in the drug discovery arena and follow a unique multidisciplinary approach that focuses on targeting underlying causes of these diseases.

Our flagship therapeutics target cancer in a unique approach based on abnormal metal ion levels in tumor cells versus normal cells that should reveal a therapeutic strategy without toxicity. Our premier advanced computational tool, Virtual Target Screening, provides a novel approach to drug repurposing that can screen tens of thousands of virtual protein structures to identify new targets of interest.

CuPRx - studying metals, curing disease